Blowback Rubber Band Gun ・Desert Eagle Type(English version)
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Blowback Rubber Band Gun ・Desert Eagle Type(English version)

1,100 JPY

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■ This is a production manual etc set of the volley-type rubber band gun with blowback function. ・ Product contents :「Read Me First.doc」「Dezart Eagle Manual.pdf」and 「Dezart Eagle Drawing.pdf」are contained in 「Dezart Eagle Making.rar」. PDF files are protected with a password. ・ Production manual A4 15 pages and drawing A4 3 pieces. ・ The drawings of the actual size are pasted to the plate materials and parts are cut out. The parts are processed and assembled referring to the production manual as same as E-books on the PC screen. ・ More than junior high are eligible , and about three weeks are necessary to produce it. ■ The photograph are an image of manuals and a production example. ・ The finished product , will cause shock and collision sounds of the slide when you launch the rubber bands. ・ The number of running fire : 8 ~12 shots (recommendation is 8 shots) ・ Please confirm the operation of the blowback function on the following video sites. ■ The structure technology of these products are protected by utility model rights. :Utility model registration No.3169624 ・All rights reserved. Reproduction, Modification and Redistribution are prohibited. ・An approval of the copyright holder is necessary for commercial use except enjoying by oneself. ・Please contact “” about the commercial use

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