Blowback Rubber Band Gun ・Luger Type(Drawing only) Please check the item description.
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Blowback Rubber Band Gun ・Luger Type(Drawing only) Please check the item description.

300 JPY

※This is digital item



Blowback Rubber Band Gun -Luger type ■ This is a drawing for making a toggle type blowback rubber band gun. •I made a prototype, but I am not satisfied with the internal structure, so I didn't make a production manual and I do not have any plan to make it. •However, because there are many purchase requests for this product, we will provide the drawing used to make the prototype. ■ Description of item: [Important] ・After downloading the product, first change the extension of "LugerDrawing.PDF" file to "LugerDrawing.rar". ・Luger.rar file contains "Luger Drawing.pdf" A4 3 drawing sheets & 6 photos and the related movie "Blowback rubber band gun - Luger Type.mp4". •Please make the product with reference to the attached movie or ■ Please be careful. •Because it is only the drawing for production, I think that it is hard to complete this product if you have no experience of making products of "Blowback Rubber Band Gun" series. •Because of the restriction of this selling site, I can not register the item at a price lower than this. •Please understand that we can not respond to any questions concerning production of this product or direct request of drawings by e-mail. ■ This product is adopted structural technology protected by utility model right. •All rights reserved. Reproduction, Modification and Redistribution are prohibited. •An approval of the copyright holder is necessary for commercial use except enjoying by oneself. •For commercial use, please contact “tenkoukaku @”.

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